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Solluna City

Where Sun And Moon Meet

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Non-fandom, original character role play

It seems as though time in this world has stopped.

A vast city, the boundaries of which seem to fade into uncertainty, is completely devoid of life. Mold and lichen pepper the once-rich ground, growing on heavy stone and old, crumbling buildings. The people who built the city are long gone; they simply do not exist. Their homes and businesses, vehicles and roads look as though they were suddenly left to deteriorate. A large red sun hangs in the sky, casting an eerie glow about the place, reflecting off cracked glass and baking the empty sidewalks.

A sign dangles on rusting chain at each entrance to the city, painted letters on crumbling and broken wood barely visible, welcoming visitors to this place.

"Solluna City."

It is bare of humans, but not of their influence, and the only life it seems able to support anymore is what the people once called 'gimas.' They are those that have adapted to life among the red shadows of this world: gimahawks wing their way tirelessly through the sky, while gimarats go about gathering gimamoss to return to their underground tunnels, and gimazelles rest in the shadows of gimafruit-bearing gimatrees.


Solluna City is an original character, livejournal-based RPG.

Journals to be aware of:
solluna_city - main third person IC journal
solluna_citymb - main first person IC journal
solluna_cityooc - OOC journal
solluna_citynpc - NPC journal

redcityotp - Solluna-related fic and art journal
redcitymeasure - Solluna FST/OST journal

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at sollunamods@gmail.com

The moderators are Chex, Ona, and Elfy. Any questions can be directed at one of these three if needed.

Introduction/Game Rules/Playing The Game/Posting Guidelines/Posting Rules/Arriving In Solluna/FAQ/The City/Gima Species/Application/Friends Add/Character List